Where to look for jobs

In looking for jobs, I suggest 2 different approaches:

  1. Looking online for publicly listed job online
  2. Tapping in your personal network on LinkedIn (friends, colleagues, friends of friends) to build network and learn about jobs that not yet publicly listed and also to get a live recommendation.

Approach 1: Looking for jobs listed publicly online

  • Check out Indeed.com, Monster.com
  • To see which companies are the best companies to work for, check out the rankings by Fortune. 
  • Also check out Inc.com’s fast growing 5000 companies
  • To find jobs in start-ups, check out angel.co
  • You can set up “save jobs” so that you can get email updates when there are new jobs matching your search criteria
  • Use Linkedin.com Job site. LinkedIn will not have as many job listing as Indeed and Monster. However, the biggest value proposition is that it will automatically map out whom among your network are currently working at these companies so that you can ask for a referral. I find using the LinkedIn Job app on my Iphone to be very effective. This is why it is important to add as many of your real life connections as connections on LinkedIn as possible. You will never know who might be able to help you. But before you send out mass invitation connection request, you should spend time editing your profile to present the most professional profile possible. To see how to edit your profile, read here.

For Approach 2 tapping into your LinkedIn network to look for jobs, read here.