Using LinkedIN to network

Are you currently turning to your network on LinkedIN to find jobs? Or are you simply apply to the jobs that already listed?

A study by the Ladder found that 50% of jobs are not advertised. In my own experience, I find that this is true for the following reason:

  • Many companies offer referral bonus (I know companies to offer around $1500 per successful placement) to its employee. The rationale is simple. Employees tend to know the job requirements the best since they already working at the same company. As such, when they refer others in, they tend to select those that they believe can do the job well. By approaching people in your LinkedIN network actively, they might refer you for the job even before it opens up for the public.

In this video, I share with you how to use LinkedIN to reach out to people and build relationship. The most successful approach is not simply asking a stranger for a job. Instead, think of them more of a potential mentor/friend that you can learn from. When I approached people on LinkedIN for networking purposes, I take the time to read their profile and also offer any help I can first. Please be respectful when you reach out and people are willing to help.

Note to include in connection request to someone you do not know. Type this note into the box after you click on Connect. Remember to carefully read their profile and customize the message to what they have written in their profile:
“Dear Ryan
Love your innovative designs. I am a SJSU fresh grad who is passionate about beautiful and functional designs. Samsung is a company that I highly respect. Would love to learn more about your exciting work if possible.
Cheers, Lily”

Note to ask industry experts for help during your interview:
“Dear Nick, Great profile. It is a pleasure to connect with another educator. I am preparing for job interview that covers education in Australia. If possible, I would like to connect to learn more from your in-depth experience. Cheers, Lily.”