Pushing limits

I love pushing limits. Both physical and mental limits. This is the only way to learn new things. It also allows you to truly get to know yourself and your preferences. Knowing yourself is one of the most important abilities because you can live a meaningful life and build confidence from the inside out.


  • 50 IRONMANS. 50 DAYS. 50 STATES: THE IRON COWBOY’S ASSAULT ON IMPOSSIBLE — This is truly one of my favorite podcasts. James is an incredible person refuses to give in. When he was asked if he could have complete without his family being there, there is a beautiful pause before he answered “Yes, I would.” In this man’s mind, he truly believes he can do whatever tasks he sets out to do. There is not a single doubt in his mind. I love this unshakable conviction. In hard times, I remind myself that when I start doubting myself, the battle is over and I have lost. There is no room for doubt in the journey toward greatness. Setback yes, but not doubts.
  • Anticipations & Fears: Life Lessons from Jiu-Jitsu. In this article, I share why I continue to train in marital arts even though I get beat up everyday going head-on with opponents twice my size.
  • What climbing hills teaches me about sales. In this article, I share why I cycle uphill even though my lung feels like it is on fire.


These are the people who became successful by being persistent and do no accept “No” for an answer. But they do it in a way that put human relationships first.


  • Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang: This is a great story of a person who went out and purposefully seek rejections so that he can overcome it. He seeks 100 rejections for 100 days and film it. Really cool 12 min video. And if you want the longer version, read thebook. Highly recommend that you step outside of your comfort zone and seek out rejections to understand yourself better.


Sharing with you incredible stories about people who have turned their lives around from complete failure.

  • Khalil Rafati Podcast: I forgot to die. I love this podcast because I can sense Khalil’s positive energy and compassion even though he has been through so much pain. Addicted to shooting heroin and smoking crack, Khalil was soon overtaken by paranoia and psychosis and written off by friends and family. When he finally hit bottom, Khalil was 33 years old and 109 pounds, a convicted felon, high school dropout, and homeless junkie living in a cardboard box on the infamous Skid Row in downtown L.A. Now he runs SunLife Organics,his growing chain of organic juice bar cafés, can be seen popping up all over Southern California with more on the horizon. If you want to read the book after listening t the podcast, check out>>