Powerful Presentation

I love making powerpoints. Here I am sharing key tips on how to make it powerful and awesome:

  • Tell a story. Keep it simple by telling actual stories from your experience. For example, when I interviewed for LinkedIn and have to present on how I would win a client over, I used a real life example of how I have won clients in the past.
  • Keep it short.  Keep it under 10 slides. If you have additional supporting materials you can put in the appendix. The problem of having too many slides is that you feel the need to go through each slide. At this point, the presentations turn into a task instead of focusing on sharing a story.
  • Use brilliant high-resolution pictures. You can get free pictures at Unsplash.
  • Keep the text short. Just a few words to make a key point. For example, instead of typing out “41% revenue increase in Q1”, I would just type “41%” in big fonts and then explain the rest in words.
  • Use a visual aids. Graphs and charts are a powerful way to convey a message. If you are using graphs/charts, make sure they are clearly labeled. And you should not focus too much time on explaining the chart. Instead focuse on the over message of the chart.