Get Inspired Right Before Interview

My process of preparing for an interview:

  • Make sure I do tons of research
  • Talk to people within the same industry to get the actual context
  • Do mock interviews

After all those extensive preparations between 4-10 days, I sit back and enjoy the interview. I think of the actual interview as the celebration of all the hard-word I have put in. If you have trained really hard for a marathon, the sweats and tears actually were in the training. The race itself is more like a celebration. Game on!

My routines right before the interview:

  • Make sure I get plenty of sleep
  • I would go for a run with while listening the music list below
  • If you don’t have time for a run, at least take 5 minutes to listen to an inspirational song. During this period, get up and dance or stretch so that you get blood moving. These sort of body movements has been proven to increase confidence. I walk into interview rooms with my head high and totally ready to rock.

Here is a list of what I would listen to. Please note that these songs include explicit lyrics: