Hiring Manager

When I find a job that I really like online, I will apply for it. After I apply for it, to increase my visiblility, I will use LinkedIn to find out who is the hiring manager or the HR manager. If you found the job listing directly on LinkedIn.com, often it will list out who is the hiring manager as well. Doing this will make sure that my application does not go into a black hole and never even got a chance to reach a human’s eyes.

To find out who is the Hiring Manager, you can search by job title. For example, if you are applying to Udemy for a Business Development role, you can go to LinkedIN.com and go to the advanced search. Then type in Udemy under Company and “business development” under Title and you will find the VP of Business Development.

From there, I write a respectful invitation to connect with the VP (see below). Key points in writing:

  • Keep the message short as there is a word restriction
  • Find an overlap between your passion and the passion of the company. Highlight this in the intro.
  • And offer some help in return. (For example, “If you come to Texas, let me know, happy to show you around.)

Dear Rich,
Great profile.
I am a huge fan of Udemy since I have the same passion for sharing practical knowledge. I have a success career as a BD and would love to join the BD team at Udemy. Sent in my application today.
If there is anything I can be of assistance, let me know.