Domain Expertise

One common question job seekers ask me is “What if the job requires knowledge in a certain domain that I don’t have?” For example, you are interviewing for a sales job at IMB covering cloud computing solutions. You have worked in sales at other tech companies before but not specifically covering cloud computing. How do you address this gap?

Unfortunately there are no easy fix for this problem. My advise is that dig deep and determine if this domain is something you are interested to learn about? If it is, then I suggest you invest the time to publish a post about this topic on LinkedIn. If it is not a subject you are interested in, then I consider you a deep reflection and think about why you are applying to an industry that you have no interest in. You can pass the interview and get a paycheck, but you won’t enjoy the work.

Ok, lets assume that you are applying to job covering cloud computing and you LIKE the subject. Then I suggest you take the time to publish an article on LinkedIN. Publish on LinkedIN is easy and free. It lends you the crebility that you at least familiar with the subject in order to write an article about it.

So how to write an article? Think back to all the time in college where you have to write research papers. Treat this as one of the most important research papers you have to write.

For tips on how to do research, read here.

This is how an example of a LinkedIN post looks like.