Gestational Diabetes

Sharing with you here practical information on gestational diabetes. I hope that you can apply this information toward your and the baby’s well-being. Gestational diabetes (GD) is something that we can together prevent and take corrective action. Don’t blame yourself for having gestational diabetes. The risks of having gestational diabetes could have come from a…


A diagnosis of pre-diabetes (fasting blood glucose > 100mg/dL) is becoming more common these days. I know that you are health-conscious and want to do the best things to improve your health and wellness. My family has a long history of having diabetes. On certain days, due to the lack of sleep or hormonal in…


Health and wellness is the best gift we can give ourselves and our family. Sharing with you this information to build a foundation for a strong and happy life: Pre-Diabetes: What do and how to reverse it?

Job Interviews

You can find all the videos about Career Development in English broken down by four topics: Building rewarding careers, pushing limits, Podcasts, and online classes.  

Hướng Nghiệp

Welcome các bạn đến với Inner Fire. Inner Fire là một chương trình hướng nghiệp dành cho các bạn trẻ. Lily là người thành lập ra chương trình. Mình sinh ra tại Vĩnh Long và lớn lên từ nhỏ tại California, Mỹ. Sau khi học Thạc Sỹ tại Mỹ, Lily về sống và làm việc cho các công…